What is Stockton?

If you’re from the South of England you have probably heard of a small, derelict place called the North, you might even have been. Chances are, if you have been, the furthest North you have travelled is Manchester, in the North West. You might of been to Scotland, and if so, there is half a chance you have driven right through the north of England to get there. More likely you flew there, and avoided witnessing the atrocities of the north. If you did drive to Scotland you might of past a little known place called the North East. Time forgot the North East in the 1980’s, and since then has been used as a dumping ground for government cuts, unemployment, nuclear waste, and critical journalism. If you delve deeper into the pits of the North East, it is almost possible to realise that it is not one large dumping ground, it is in fact divided into several smaller dumping grounds. One being a place called Stockton.



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