Today in Stockton – Girls Fighting

An arrest was made in Stockton a couple of days ago which even shocked us who live here.

The Evening Gazette reported that a 15 year old girl, who attended one of Stockton’s many schools, had been arrested in connection with a sickening video posted online.

Here’s the video, I’ve removed sound to avoid identification.

The video, appears to show two girls of the same age fighting in an area close to Stockton High Street. Not so surprising.

But the video goes on to show one girl beating the other girl on the floor, while crowds of her friends egged her on. Still not very surprising.

In the end the fight stopped, the ambulance attended, the girl was treated and taken to hospital and the perpertrator was arrested by Cleveland Police. Surprising.

For once the police were doing their job. Rather than trying to get their daughter a job and lying about it, they were able to do their own job and arrest the trouble causer.

Pity they couldn’t have gotten there sooner to stop the fight.

Pity no one who was there never intervened to stop the fight, but as I said, not so surprising in Stockton on Tees.

More surprising than Cleveland Police doing their job, is after the fight, people took to Facebook to slate the girl who got arrested.

I expected them to be slating the victim for being a “grass”, which would not have been surprising at all.

One girl even said: “Wait til I get my hands on that ******* (defendant), the scruffy cow, im guna smash her face in.” The post was greeted with almost a hundred “likes”.

Two wrongs don’t make a right? In a place called Stockton, it seems like they do.


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