UK’s Best Christmas Tree

In Stockton there is a generally accepted high street fashion trend of trainers, joggers, and a cap.

Like all people in Stockton, the only trainers I have are Airmax. There are a few other accepted variations of trainer, however they must be either Nike or Adidas.

This is likewise with joggers, which must also be Nike or Adidas. Caps must be Nike with a silver plastic Nike badge.

Ironically, this type of sports gear, isn’t the best gear for playing sports. So I needed some new trainers.

The amount of Bargain Madness’, Pound Land’s and charity shops  in Stockton is perfect for people like me who hate spending money.

So to buy my new trainers I took my custom to the Bargain Madness’ of the shoe world – Wynsors World of Shoes and found a bargain – A pair of Pumas for twenty quid!

Proud of my purchase, I walk through the high street and bump into this.

UK's Best Christmas tree

UK’s Best Christmas tree

It was this that reminded me I’m not the only one who hates spending money.

Stockton council spent all their money on traffic lights rather than Christmas lights, so had to nip to Pound Land before the light’s switch on and buy one of those cheap fibre optic Christmas trees.

One amazed Facebook User said “it’s got to be there worst in the country”

and another called it a “wigwam”.

On the other hand was a money issue a little more serious. A hostage.

Cleveland Police spent all their time trying to negotiate a hostage situation with the hope of redeeming themselves for all the recent corruption accusations.

They were absolutely gutted to find out that, after all that effort, there was no hostage after all and they just looked silly.

Turns out it was a 33 year old man who has now been charged with common assault and break of bail.

What a waste of time, he’d have more chance making money by scrapping in that Christmas tree.


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